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In this topic you'll the rules of No-Maj, the rules for the RPGsection are in this topic as well.

The General rules of No-Maj:

- Please no profanity, discrimination or scolding with diseases.
- We want to keep a  neighborly ambiance, do you have any problems with another member and you’re unable to solve the issue amongst yourselves, please contact one of our moderators or our administators(Nathalia or Gianna)
- Please don’t fight your fights on our forum, keep that in private messaging(referred to as owls) or ask our moderators or administrators(Nathalia or Gianna) for help to mediate to find a solution.
- Are you joining in discussions or giving your opinion or feedback, substantiate your reasoning or arguments. A nice, good, fun or I don’t agree on that, won’t do.
- Please don’t use bReEzErlanguage, messengerlanguage, numb3rl4ngu4ge or other abbreviations that are used on social media or whatsapp.

The Role Playing Game Rules of No-Maj:

- The general rules also apply to the RPG.
-  Do you want to say something that is Out of Character, but relevant to your or to the topic, make sure you’ll put it below your post as an OOC message, so your RPG-friends will know it’s Out of Character, but relevant to the topic/post.
- While RPG-ing you’ll always speak as your character, IC(In Character).
- In the RPG you’ll always write from the he/she-form of in the third person. The I-form will only be used when you’re writing a letter to your family or friends outside of Ilvermorny or when you’re writing a diary fragment.


I walked towards the potions classroom and sat down next to Peter.

John walked to the potions classroom and sat down next to Peter.

- Please don’t use any godmoding without permission from your co-players, also known as acting like god and decide for your co-players what’s going to happen to them. Godmoding is only allowed with permission of your co-players and with the exception of NPC’S(Non Played Characters).


Peter fixed his wand on John and pronounced the leglocking curse, after which John’s leg got stuck together.

Peter fixes his wand on John and pronounced the leglocking curse, not knowing if the curse had reached it’s destination.
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