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September 28, 2020, 11:34:13 PM

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Author Topic: Amalia Abramova  (Read 14 times)

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Amalia Abramova

Amalia Abramova
« on: September 10, 2020, 01:05:07 AM »
In General:[/u]

Name: Amalia Olga Maria Abramova
Date of Birth: September 1st 1909
Age: 11
Bloodline: Pureblood
Wealth: Rich.
Behaviour: Amalia is a sweet girl, but sometime a bit typical. She is of opinion she can talk with animals.

Father: Daniil Abramov
Mother: Gianna del’Castro-Abramova
Sister: Merlyn Sevelyn (Ravenclaw, Remedicus) Is a healer.
Brothers: Ilary (Ravenclaw) & Mitya (Griffindor), July 1st 1905
Brother and sister: Dmitriy Gianno Giuseppe & Dunya Angelina Maria, December 12th 1914
Sister: Vincenza Tatjana Maria, Januari 1st 1916
Other family:[/i] Amalia has a lot of family members. (For more information see the character sheets of her parents.)

(For more information about the history of her parents, see both her parents character sheets.)
Amalia was born as the fourth child, second daughter in the del’Castro-Abramov family. Like her mother, and her older brothers and sister, she got a solid noble upbringing. Despite the fact she spent most of her childhood at Hogwarts. It is there she felt really at home, and not in the homes of the birth countries of her parents. In contrast to her mother she has zero musical talent, but also hasn’t gotten her fathers intelligence, eventhough she isn’t stupid at all.
So it happened when the twins the then young Amalia called stupid, that she showed her magical abilities for the first time. Her brothers hair became Slytherin green, and it stayed that way for a while, whatever her parents or the other adults tried to do about it.
However Amalia starred in horseback riding and the handling of animals in general. Despite her joy to start at Ilvermorny, it did hurt her to know she isn’t going to be able to spent more time with her beloved animals and nature. To ease the pain she got her own kitten Blue. Blue is a granddaughter of Merlyns first cat Amy and so she is a great-granddaughter of Nosy which was her mothers cat. The latter she only knows through stories. Because she is so good with animals, and of opinion she can talk to them(which she can’t, she just understands them very well), she’s seen as excentric more often than not. What makes her excentric in her own eyes is the fact that her mothers gift hasn’t skipped on her. Even though she’s happy she is less ‘cursed’(that’s just how it is in her opinion) than her mother. She can only read peoples minds through touching them. Which is the reason she tends to shy away from people, just to avoid the direct contact. Outside of he family there is no one who know this about her.

Looks: Amalia has inherited her mothers olive coloured skin and dark hair. Even though she has straight hair. She also has her fathers icy blue eyes. She has a normal, somewhat sportif posture.
 Pet: Blue, a Blue Russian Cat.

Inner person:
Amalia is a sweet and helpful girl, even though she might look a bit weird at times. She’ll be there for the people she likes. If there are chores to be done, she loves to help. But most of all she loves to be outside, busy with the wonderful creatures nature has to offer, that’s where she feels like herself the most.

Good traits:
At least 3, up to 5.
- Helpful.
- Animal lover
- Sporty (in being busy as well as with games etc.)

Bad traits:
At least 3, up to 5.
- She loves to be alone
- Hotheaded when someone offends her
- Ashamed for her inherited ‘curse’
- Sometimes jealous of Merlyn’s and Daniils intelligence

She can read minds by touching people, so she avoids that as much as possible

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Re: Amalia Abramova
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Steps forward to signal that this young lady is a perfect fit for Thunderbird.


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