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Author Topic: Jordan Patrick Campbell  (Read 118 times)

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Jordan Campbell

Jordan Patrick Campbell
« on: January 18, 2019, 10:29:09 PM »
In General:[/u]

Full Name: Jordan Patrick Campbell
Date of Birth: July 12th 1908
Age: 12
Bloodline: Halfblood

Wealth: Average
Behaviour: Jordan is just like his mother, A good person who loves to help others.

Father: Richard Harry Campbell† (August 20th 1876 – Februari  5th 1918). Richard is a No-Maj and an aquintance of Sean. Richard worked as an police officer.
Mother: Nathalia Campbell-Matthews October 31st 1878. Nathalia worked as a librarian at Hogwarts, after she graduated from Hogwarts at Hufflepuff. Now a days Nathalia is the Headmistress of Ilvermorny.
Zus: Liviana Katia Diamond- Matthews March 21st 1901.(Hogwarts:Ravenclaw, Halucina: Urbvico[Has followed the Healers  subjects as wel as an First Aid course.])  Liviana started her years at Hogwarts in 1912 and Nathalia and her colleagues noticed soon the girl didn’t have a good home. After long discussions with the schoolboard, the headmaster and Liviana’s mother they decided Nathalia could adopt Liviana, this happened in 1915 when Liviana started her fourth year at Hogwarts. Liviana works as a governess for Jay, the janitor at Ilvermorny and takes care of her two youngest siblings, while Nathalia is working.
Zusje: Cassidy Brianna Campbell  October 31st 1911, Cassidy is the second biological Campbell child. Cassidy showed her magical abilities but is to young to start her magical studies at Ilvermorny.
Broertje: Jacob Sean Campbell September 30th 1915. Jacob is the third and last biological Campbell child, until now he hasn’t shown any magical abilities, but if he shows any magical abilities, he has to wait for a while until he can go to Ilvermorny like his older brother and sister.
Overige familie:[/i] Jordan’s grandfather and grandmother from his Fathers side are both deceased, Jordan hasn’t met them unfortunately.
Grandfather Mothers side: Sean Matthews. Sean is a No-Maj, he loves his job as a book sorter at the local library in Leeds.
Grandmother Mothers side: Silvie Matthews - Crane. Silvie is a Halfblood witch, she loves to take care of the family she graduated as a Healer.
Aunt:  Melanie Scott-Matthews twins with Ritchie. Melanie has followed her education at Beauxbaton. She graduated as a Healer.
Uncle: Magnus Scott, married with Melanie, works as an Auror at the Ministry of Magic.
Niece: Alice Scott, 14(Ravenclaw).
Uncle: Ritchie Matthews twins with Melanie. Ritchie has followed his education at Durmstrang. He graduated as a Potions Master. Works as a Potions teacher at Durmstrang.
Aunt: Gwendolyn Matthews-Graves, married with Ritchie, works as a Potions teacher at Beauxbaton.
Nephew: Michael Matthews, 14(Zercob).
Niece: Monique Matthews, 14(Xandrian).

(For more information about his parents, see his mothers character sheet)
Jordan was the first biological born Campbell child and was soon followed by his little sister Cassidy and little brother Jacob. In the same year Jacob was born, Jordan also got an older sister, Liviana Diamond. Liviana is adopted by his parents and Jordan gets along really well with her. He spent most of his childhood at Hogwarts where his mother worked, but he  also spent a couple of weeks a year with his grandfather and grandmother. Jordan is just like his mother in many ways, he inherited his mothers eyes and hair color, and a couple of her traits as well.
Jordan showed his first magical signs shortly after Cassidy was born. Because she got so much attention from both of his parents he got jealous and let it snow inside of the house, and the water in the glasses was frozen. His father was shocked, even though he knew about his mothers secret, but his father was very proud of him, just like his mother. That’s why Jordan got an owl for his eigth birthday, which he called Roekoe.
When Jordan turned eleven he got his Hogwarts letter, where he got through the first year with good grades, eventhough he had a rough time after his father passed away.
During the summerholidays of 1920 his mother thought it was time for a new challenge and decided she would join her best friend miss del’Castro-Abramova to the United States, which meant he and his sisters and brother had to go as well. Jordan will start at Ilvermorny this year, which he’s excited about. When they arrived he had to give his wand to his mother, since he wasn’t allowed to have his own wand, his wand is safely kept in the office of his mother at school.
Jordan is ready to start this new adventure together with his ‘niece’ Amalia Abramova.

Wand: Beech 13 25/64 inches with a core of Unicorn hair and slightly bending.
Looks: Jordan is very tall for his age and has a sporty attitude, he has brown hair and hazelnut brown eyes.
Pet: An Eagle Owl, called Roekoe. Roekoe is big and has a brown/black color.

Inner Person:[/u]
Jordan is a sportive, helpful and friendly boy, he also is a big animal lover and will protect his friends and family.  Jordan can be very clumsy, just like his mother. Jordan is also a doubter/indecisive, chaotic, impatient and an perfectionist.

Good traits:
At least 3, up to 5.
  • Sporty
  • Helpful
  • Friendly
  • Animal lover
  • Protective of his friends and family
Bad traits:
At least 3, up to 5.
  • Clumsy
  • Doubter/Indecisive
  • Chaotic
  • He can be impatient
  • Perfectionist
Jordan is like his mother in many ways, even though he has some differences. Jordan has a talent voor drawing, as long as he doesn’t have to put it on a canvas everything works out fine.

*Jordan sees the Abramov children as his nephews en nieces, even though they’re not related.

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Steps forward to show the boy has to be a part of Wampus House.


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