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Author Topic: A new start  (Read 245 times)

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A new start
« on: November 24, 2018, 11:51:37 PM »
Hesitant she walked into the school, she had just left her family in the coach house, with clear instructions on how she wanted to see it furnished. Now she finally walked after what had seemed like forever through the doors of Ilvermorny, she missed Hogwarts immediately, but also Beauxbaton and Durmstrang. The statues that represented the houses of Ilvermorny immediately got her attention, as well as the beauty that reminded her of home. She let out a deep sigh and searched the area. The summerholidays were still ongoing, so no thoughts came to her from anywhere. On her lefthand side there was a small office, that probably would be the janitors office, a muggle that they called a No-maj here. He himself would arrive later today, she already knew that, but she wasn’t looking for him though.

While she stepped into the next room Gianna made a pirouette, there something on this place that made her feel like it was home. Something she hadn’t thought about in months and for a minute her thoughts drifted away….

Dear miss Abramova-del’Castro,
Unfortunately we have to bring you sad news. The Spanish Influenza has reached us as well. As a result, many forces have fallen away. Due to their own death, or due to sad news from their direct environment. We heard that you wanted a new challenge, that’s why we write you this letter. Our headmaster has passed away, as well as his assistant and many professors. We hope you will, -because the news you built Hogwarts rushed you forward-, help us to make Ilvermorny a healthy and safe school again.

The letter had gone on for a while, but that particular part had caught her. It came just at the moment the sociaty was under controle, and the fact that she started to feel bored at the castle in Scotland. Eventhough feeling bored wasn’t the right word, she new that she was capable of more. After a long conversation with her family the Italian beauty accepted this invitation. During schooldays she would stay in the teacherrooms on the main floor, that was her hard demand, and her family would be housed at the coach house.

She turned around and gave the reception hall another lookover, tomorrow the students would arrive. With a short swish of her wand she gave some little details to it, which this year also represented Hogwarts, she and some other people she had convinced to accept this challenge came from Hogwarts after all. A cracking sound filled the room, and without looking who stepped inside her face lit up.
‘Finally there you are, the Headmisstres, I’m so glad to see you again.’ she made a short reveranche out of habit, even though she knew the other would accepted it if she didn’t.
‘We need to talk about how we get on around here, but I feel in everything that we’re going to find our happiness here.’

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Re: A new start
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With a sigh she closed the door of the former porter’s house. Her eldest daughter was already on her way to the house of the janitor, she was his governess and the good man had allowed that Nathalia’s youngest children that couldn’t go to Ilvermorny yet could come with her eldest daughter to his house. Her eldest daughter wasn’t her own flesh and blood, but she loved the young woman if she was her own. She had never made a distiction between Liviana and her own children. Nathalia and her husband, adopted Liviana when the girl started her fourth year at Hogwarts, meanwhile Liviana had graduated and with pretty good grades.

Abruptly, Nathalia stopped and looked admiringly at the large building in front of her. She admittedly had admired the building before, but now she could view the mansion even better. The building was just as impressive as Hogwarts was, and a smile grew on her face. Two weeks ago her friend had gotten a letter from America, in which was a cry for help, since a lot of professor had fallen ill or had passed away, the previous headmaster retired, and his assistant headmaster had retired as well. Nathalia had gone through much during her time as staff member at Hogwarts, and lost her husband recently due to the Spanish Influenza. She had been so happy when he returned home alive after the first world war, but she had lost him after all. Her youngest son was infected with the Spanish Influenza as well, but due to Gianna’s persistance to make sure she would get the best Healers to make sure the little boy would get well and survive the Spanish Influenza she still has her little Jacob. Jacob is his fathers image in his behaviour as well as his looks, something Nathalia is happy about, but on the other hand it’s hard on her.
When she heard help at Ilvermorny was needed she didn’t think about it twice and accepted the invitation to head to America with her best friend, to start a new life in the United States.

With a sad smile, due to the memory of her deceased husband she finally stepped inside the building. Immediately the four large carvings who represent each their own house got her attention, after which her eyes caught her best friend Gianna. The small details that were added to the reception hall hadn’t gone unnoticed by Nathalia, and she knew Gianna had added them, since the colours of Hogwarts were represented as well. The floor cracked softy under her feet. The words Gianna spoke made her a little bit happier, which made her smile less sad. “I’m glad to see you too, Gianna. Me? The Headmistress? You’re going to be the headmistress.” Nathalia said with a smile on her face to her friend, after which she childish but with humor in her eyes rolled her eyes when Gianna made a reveranche as a greeting.

“Ah, please Gianna don’t be so formal.” she said chucking, after which she walked towards her best friend and embraced her. The next words Gianna said made her nod. “That sounds like a good idea, my friend.” she said, while she looked at her friend. “Where did you want to start?” she asked, while she look at her friend patiently.


Re: A new start
« Reply #2 on: November 25, 2018, 02:06:06 AM »
“I’m glad to see you too, Gianna. Me? The Headmistress? You’re going to be the headmistress.” Nathalia said with a smile on her face to her friend, after which she childish but with humor in her eyes rolled her eyes when Gianna made a reveranche as a greeting.
Cheerful but also slightly melancholy the Italian woman grinned.
‘Ah Nathalia I barely have time for that with my seven children.’ shortly an emotion ran over Gianna’s face. ‘How is Jacob doing?’ Eventhough all of her friends kids were dear to her and felt like nieces and nephews, the little Jacob had captured her heart a little more. She sighed shortly and looked slighty helpless at the woman.
‘Besides, no school should have a headmistress who zones out when she gets a vision. You know I can’t stop them when it happens, no you are the best choice for Ilvermorny.’ she sighed deeply, of course she would love to take that position, but she knew it could never be an option due to her gift, and when there was someone who wear this position the best, than it was her friend.

Almost immediately after she made the reveranche she burst out in laughter herself. She knew it was a sign of her upbringing, that seemed so long ago.
“Ah, please Gianna don’t be so formal. That sounds like a good idea, my friend. Where did you want to start?”
Friendly and full of warmth Gianna answered the embrace.
‘My apologies, something with upbrining, you don’t lose that so easily.’ she looked at her friend beaming, happy that at least Nathalia went on this new adventure with her, of their other colleagues would today or in the following days be seen who joined them.

‘Now let’s just start with, I’m not the best headmistress, but you are, I would aside from my gift not know how to handle this. Beside I have to travel on a regular basis to Hogwarts, you know the monkeyshine of the twins after all, and Danill is still busy finding a cure for Merlyn.’ she sighed, thinking about the beauty of this mansion.
‘What do you think of Ilvermorny, it’s beautiful,isn’t it?’ calmly she pointed out some beautiful details that spoke to her so much.

Briefly she considered her thoughts and looked at Nathalia,
‘It makes me think of Hogwarts so much, but more quiet, if you know what I mean?’ she smiled, but couldn’t help it to ramble on.
‘The coach house is perfect for my family, Danill can travel with the protected floonetwork, Ilary and Mitya can come and go as much as they want. And there’s enough space for our entire family. It has two bathrooms, and two half bathrooms, and in the masterbedroom there is a masterbathroom as well, althought is smaller.’ cheerful she pointed to the room on the main floor which would become her office. ‘And I don’t only have a garden at the house, my office has a small garden as well. How awesome is that?’ she hooked her arm through Nathalia’s arm and walked into the little office, that turned into a eastern look after some swishes with her wand.
‘So, my opinion is that you should become headmistress, you deserved it. How do we go on from there? Do you have an assistant in mind?’


Re: A new start
« Reply #3 on: December 09, 2018, 05:39:07 PM »
The Italian woman grinned happily, but melancholic as well at Nathalia’s greeting. Gianna told she wouldn’t have the time to become headmistress with her seven children, while Nathalia nodded. Nathalia noticed the emotion that went over Gianna’s face, an emotion Nathalia knew very well. “I understand, Gianna. Hopefully they’re all doing fine?” she asked her friend, after which Gianna asked her about Jacob. Jacob had stolen Gianna’s heart, something Nathalia knew very well, if it weren’t for Gianna and her determination to get the only the best Healers to Heal Jacob, she wouldn’t have had Jacob now, then she would’ve lost him to Spanish Influenza, just like her husband. “Jacob is doing fine, he’s growing so fast. Liviana has been hired as a governess as you know, to babysit the janitor’s children, Cassie and Jacob are at Jay’s house as well, I talked to him about it and he allowed Liviana to take them with her.” she told Gianna with a small smile on her face.
The helpless look Gianna sent her didn’t go unnoticed, and Nathalia put her hand on Gianna’s. After Gianna’s explanation Nathalia couldn’t do more than agree to it. Nathalia granted the position to her friend, but she also realised that with Gianna’s family and her gift it would be an impossible task to uphold. “I know, Gianna.” Nathalia said softly, after which she sighed softly. She was the only option to take the position, but who would become her assistent, that was her biggest question as of now.

Gianna had burst into laughter almost immediately after the reveranche, a laugh that worked infectiously and made Nathalia laugh as well. Gianna apologized and told Nathalia it was her upbringing, while Nathalia nodded grinning. “No apologies needed, Gianna. You don’t get rid of your upbringing that easily.” zei said softly while she slowly looked through the hallways. Even the inside of this school was breath taking.

Gianna told her she wanted to start with the fact that not Gianna, but Nathalia would be the best choice to become headmistress of Ilvermorny, at which Nathalia sighed. But the reasoning Gianna had showed her that her best friend wouldn’t have enought time to fill the position. She looked at her friend shortly, and all of sudden an idea popped into her head. With big twinkling eyes she kept looking at her friend while the smile on her face grew wider. “Yes, I know the monkeyshine of the twins alright. They almost broke down my library once, with their jokes.” she said somewhat hurt but also laughing, because she was able to see the joke in it by now. “Is he still working on that? Has he got any usable leads in his research for Merlyn’s eye problems?” she asked Gianna, while she remembered Daniil, one of her good friends at Hogwarts.
While Gianna pointed to some beautiful details she liked, she had asked Nathalia what she thought of Ilvermorny. “It’s really beautiful. The inside is just as breath taking als the outside.” Nathalia said, while she quickly twirled around on her spot.

It seemed Gianna was thinking about something, at which Nathalia sent her a questioning look. When Gianna told her the building made her think of Hogwarts but felt more quiet, Nathalia nodded. “I understand what you mean, I can’t say anything else than that I have the exact same feeling about it.” she said softly, while she kept looking at Gianna. Gianna rambled on and told Nathalia about the coach house, where Gianna’s family lived, which wasn’t that far away from Nathalia’s home. When Gianna had given Nathalia a description of the house, Nathalia grinned. “It’s been a long time ago I saw you that enthousiastic, Gianna.” she said grinning. “The Porter’s house isn’t that big, but it’s good enough to keep Liviana, Jordan, Cassidy, Jacob and me happy. Oh and Mittens of course. Merlin may know how it’s possible Mittens is still with us.” Nathalia said, while she shortly thought about how to describe the inside of her house, it wasn’t as big and luxurous as the coach house, but Nathalia was more than happy with the porter’s house. “It has four bedrooms, the mastersuite has an ensuite bathroom, which is the room I use when I’m home. The rooms of Liviana and Cassidy are equally as big and are next to one another and the second bathroom which they share with the boys. Jordan and Jacob share the fourth room, until now they’re both happy to share. Jordan loves Jacob and pratically shares everything he is able to share with Jacob.” she said sighing.
In the meantime Gianna pointed to a room, which would become Gianna’s, that’s what Nathalia understood from it. Gianna had rambled on happily about the garden she had at the coach house as well as a tiny garden that belonged to her office. “That’s super awesome!” Nathalia said happily, shortly thinking back to the staff parties at Hogwarts, that were always held in Gianna’s office, which always had a different look. Before she knew it, Gianna had hooked her arm in Nathalia’s arm and Nathalia walked somewhat suprised but amused at the same time with Gianna into the office, which changed of appearance with a single wave of Gianna’s wand. Nathalia looked around, but felt she missed something. Soon enough she remembered what she missed and pointed her wand toward the garden, and with another simple wave of a wand the garden looked like the office including light. “Now it’s completed.” she said with a smile, after which she turned her attention to Gianna again. Gianna’s opinion was that Nathalia deserved it to become headmistress, at which Nathalia looked nervous at Gianna, but grateful as well.

“But Gianna, I have no idea how to do this?!” she said with a small voice, while the panicked look on her face was obvious. The question where they would go from there, was in her mind and she thought about it shortly, and realized she didn’t have to do this all on her own. When Gianna asked her is she already had an assistent in mind, a broad grin showed on her face. “Let’s move on to the assistant I have in mind.” she said with a wide grin on her face, while she kept looking at her friend. “Gianna, It would be an honor to me to call you my assistant Headmistress, if you would like to take that position, that is?” she asked, while she gave her friend a questioning look.


Re: A new start
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A warm smile showed on her face when Nathalia said she understood. At the question how her kids were doing the Italian woman chuckled, something that quickly changed into laughter. As soon as she stopped laughing she looked at Nathalia.
‘They’re doing well, but I just realized they’re going to have their hands full with the twins more than ever at Hogwarts, especially since we’re not around anymore. I’m excited for their letters, but I would never admit to them it already brought me so much joy already.’

With a warm look in her eyes she listened how her friend talked about her own children, especially about the little Jacob. Even though the two ladies had seen each other a lot the last couple of weeks to discuss certrain things, they hadn’t seen each others children for a while. Without thinking about it Gianna invite Nathalia and her family over for a dinner at her place.
‘Aaw come on, say yes, my dear? Maybe we can invite mister Stuart and his children as well?’ Relieved she heard her friend admit that she understood it would be difficult for Gianna to take on the Head misstress position. She held up her hopes Nathalia would take this position instead.

After both women stopped laughing about Gianna everlasting good manners, the conversation went on about the vacant position, a position that would be called as most wanted by many. After her explanation Gianna couldn’t do more than laugh about the answer she got about her twins.
‘Yes, as I said I feel for the professors at Hogwarts this year. We couldn’t handle them sometimes, let alone how that’s going to be now. It’s a good thing they got punished for the mess they made of your library, with cleaning up messes in the library for the rest of the schoolyear. They deserved it.’ A grim look was on her face when Nathalia asked if Daniil was still working on finding a cure for her oldest daughter sight problem, the sight of her eldest daughter was still a painful subject.
She nodded in agreement about the beauty of the school, before she went on.

Nathalia told her she hadn’t seen her that enthousiastic in a long while, which Gianna agreed to.
‘At Hogwarts there was always the danger of the society of eternal darkness, that made everything less joyful, luckily those times are over now. Besides…’ her voice became softer when she explained herself. ‘Danill, the kids and I never had an actual house of our own, you know. We had a house where we could go during holidays but that was only during holidays, that house was never and could never be our house, just because we were barely there. This is going to be the first real house for my family, and yes I think that’s awesome.’ Happily  she listened to the description Nathalia gave about her own place. It sounded more that perfect for the small family.
‘If I can help you with anything, designwise just let me know, as you know we did have a house that was bigger than the one we have now so I have lots to spare.’

Proud she had shown her friend her new office, because of the location it made her think about her janitor’s office at Hogwarts, that was also the reason she immediately started with a Oriental look. Her friend told her she missed something and with a wave of her wand her friend decorated the garden as well completely with Oriental lighting.
‘Ow, it’s so beautiful Nathalia, could you please put some plants in my office? That spell is still to hard on me.’

Soothingly Gianna put her hand on Nathalia’s arm.
‘It’s going to be a learning curve, but if you want to, I’ll be at your side every step of the way. You don’t have to do this alone.’ At the question if Nathalia already had a assistant in mind, she named Gianna. The latter burst out in laughter.
‘As if I knew, but yes I’d love to be your assistant, it would be an honor. Thank you.’ Shortly she embraced her friend and smiled warm.
‘I’ll have to figure out what I have to do about my youngest children at those hours, but there will be a solution for it.’ she smiled at her friend. ‘Shall we go for a walk through our new workplace?’ she pointed to the stairs, because she’d love to see the hallway from above. While they climbed the first couple of stairs she heard the very known sound of a screeching door that opened. On her heels she turned around to see who came in.


Re: A new start
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Jay left his youngest children with Nanny Liviana. Even though he had a good time at the reserve where their mothers tribe lived, they were glad to be back. He was also glad he could leave them with such a lively young lady. He walked across the terrain and saw in the other houses signs of life. Out one of them a boy around thirteen years of age came out and walked toward the other house. At that house it smelled good. Jay almost got hungry because of it. The last couple of weeks he didn’t have much of good meals, the cooking skills of his mother in law were, well, lacking, even though it was edible. Secretly he hoped for some playmates for his youngest children, besides the little ones the nanny brought with her, it could be lonely for them around here.

While Jay reached the doors he wondered how the English would be that came here. A little nervous he played with his stick, it wasn’t a wand, but it looked like it. De doors weren’t locked, which meant someone already was in the school. Was Wiliam doing his thing? Or one from his family? OR were the new ones here already, and was the noise and the smell the work of the kids? Or their husbands? He knew that it were two ladies who arrived with their families.

Stong-minded Jay opened the doors and stepped inside, were he saw two ladies walk up the stairs.
‘Good afternoon ladies.’ His voice sounded loud in the otherwise empty building.


Re: A new start
« Reply #6 on: May 29, 2019, 10:26:51 PM »
A warm smile showed on Gianna’s face after Nathalia told her she understood Gianna. Gianna chuckled when Nathalia asked about her children, after which Gianna’s chuckles changed into a laughing fit. When she was done laughing Gianna looked at her. Gianna told her that the kids were doing fine, and that she just realized the staff at Hogwarts would have their hands fuller than ever with her twins, especially now that Gianna and Nathalia weren’t at Hogwarts anymore, and that she was excited for the letters to come, even though she would never admit that it was amusing her already. Nathalia nodded chuckling. “They are rascals yes, luckily I don’t have to worry about the library anymore, that’s someone elses job now.”

She noticed the warm look on Gianna’s face when she was talking about her own children. Nathalia understood Gianna’s look completely, Jacob was Gianna’s weakness and aside from that, they hadn’t seen each others children in a while, because of all the conferences they had to have. Gianna invited her and her family for a dinner later that day, at which Gianna nearly begged her to say yes. Nathalia didn’t need to think long about it, even when Gianna hadn’t begged her to come, she would’ve gone anyways. “Of course my dear, the kids and I will be there.” she said with a smile, while she looked at her friend. Gianna suggested to invite mister Stuart Webster for dinner as well, something Nathalia thought about for a bit. “That sounds like an amazing idea. It could come in handy to get to know our colleague better.” she said, while she was admiring the hallway.

The conversation went on about the vacant position, a most wanted one at that. Gianna laughed about her answer about the twins, at which Gianna mentioned again she felt for the teachers at Hogwarts this year. Nathalia was glad Gianna had agreed to the punishment the boys had gotten for their mess they made in b[]her[/b] library, at which Nathalia nodded. She could still hear the twins grumble about it. “I still can hear their grumbling, but they’ve learned their lesson, they respect the books in library now, after their punishment.” she said laughing. Nathalia knew Merlyn’s sight was a painful subject for her best friend, and it pained Nathalia very much that the sight of the young woman kept getting worse. Gianna had nodded in agreement, when Nathalia started about the beauty of the building.

Gianna confirmed Nathalia’s observation, at which Nathalia nodded. Gianna told het that at Hogwarts was always the threat of the society of etenal darkness, and the fact that it took all the joy away she couldn’t denie. “Indeed, those times are behind us, everything feels so much better now the society is out of the way.” Nathalia said with a sigh of relieve. Gianna explained some more and told her that she, Daniil and her family never really had a house of their own, except for a vacation house. Nathalia understood very well, Gianna was enthoused about it, since she and her family finally had a house of their own. “It is awesome indeed to finally have a house of your own.” she confirmed with a smile. Gianna had listened to her description of her place with joy, after which Gianna offered some help with the decorating. Apparantly the family had a lot to spare which didn’t fit in their home because they couldn’t place it in their current home. “For now I’m happy with what we took from our former home, but if something needs replacement, I certainly think of your offer, my dear.” she said with a smile. “Thank for the offer.” she then said with the same smile on her face.

She could tell Gianna was proud of her new office. After Nathalia had put some lighting in the garden, Gianna told her she thought it was beautiful and asked her if Nathalia could arrange some plants and flowers for her office, since she still had some difficulties with the spell. “Of course I’m willing to do that for you, Gianna.” she said with a smile, after which she waved her wand again at different spots in the office and placed some Oriental plants and flowers.

The hand Gianna placed on her arm was soothing. Gianna told her it would be a learning curve, but that if she wanted to, Gianna would be at her side every step of the way. “I’d appreciate that, Gianna.” she said with a smile, after which she placed her hand shortly on Gianna’s. Gianna burst out in laughter after Nathalia asked her question. Gianna reply was as Nathalia had expected, she knew Gianna wanted to do it, to be there for her, she would do exactly the same if it was the other way around. Gianna embraced her shortly, an embrace Nathalia accepted with a warm smile. “Thank you, Gianna. I appreciate it a lot.” she said with a smile while she looked at her best friend.
When Gianna told her she had to figure out what to do with her youngest children during those hours, Nathalia got an idea. “You could ask mister Stuart Webster if your youngest children could come with Liviana as well. Cassie and Jake are going with Liviana as well.” she said with a small smile.
Nathalia nodded in agreement when Gianna suggested to take a walk through their new workplace. “That sounds like a very good idea. I’m curious to see the hallway from above.” she said with a smile, after which they slowly climbed the stairs, but their trip was cut off by the screeching sound the door made, which was opened by mister Stuart Webster.

The man walked into the building and greeted them friendly. “Good afternoon, mister Stuart Webster. How are you doing?” she asked with a smile on her face, while she patiently waited at her best friend’s side on the stairs.


Re: A new start
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The woman nodded.
‘Those two will be rascals forever, even though I noticed they got more serious since last year. I think it’s a shame they didn’t want to finish they education here. But they would miss their friends too much.’

The Italian was joyful when her best friend accepted the invitation to enjoy diner together, and she was happy her best friend thought it was a good idea to invite the janitor as well. She looked at the woman next to her.
‘It’s strange to not be the janitor anymore, I enjoyed being one. But it’s delicious to finally be able to focus on being a teacher.’ she smiled warm.
‘I’ll ask him if I can sent my youngest ones with Liv. Could Liv handle that many kids?’ for a moment the looked thoughtful. ‘Do you have any idea how many children he has himself?’ in her head she was already calculating how many kids Liv was going to be taking care of. She looked a side and frowned her eyebrows.
‘How is Liv doing actually? She’ll be having young men lined up for her? Such a neat young lady, she should have right? Otherwise I know some perfect young men for her.’ she burst out in laughter, ‘And no, I don’t mean Mitya, do you remember?’

After Gianna comforted her friend and accepted the position of assistant headmisstress, they decided to take a tour through the building. Od course the conversation was about the school.
‘When do the children arrive? And do you know a good book about the history of this school? I want to know more about it before we actually start working here.’

They were on their ways upstairs when the door had opened. Mister Stuart Webster had entered the building and had greeted them. Nathalia had answered his greeting and Gianna descended the stairs quickly and agile. When she was downstairs she made a perfect reveranche.
‘Good day sir. How are you.’  She walked toward the man and held out her hand. ‘I am Gianna del’Castro-Abramova, this is Nathalia Campbell-Matthews. We are excited to become your colleagues.’ she gave a warm smile and truly friendly, even though she almost unwittingly, from her second nature, scanned the man. A short pang went through her heart, but she kept unmoved. Gianna decided to fell in home.
‘Would you be so kind to give a tour? We’d appreciate it if you joined us for dinner with your family after the tour at my house.’ For a short time she almost looked like the arrogant lady again she was brought up to be, even though she sounded sincerely friendly, it was clear in her tone of voice she wouldn’t accept ‘no’.


Re: A new start
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Both women had turned around already when they heard the door open, so it seemed. His greeting was received warm, and both women greeted him back. Both women ask him how he was doing and he smiled shortly. “I’m doing fine, how are you both doing?” he asked. One of the women had descended the stairs again and walked towards him before she held out her hand and introduced herself as Gianna del’Castro-Abramova. The woman who was still on the stairway was introduced as Nathalia Campbell-Matthews, after that she too came downstairs and held out her hand. Both ladies were anxious to call him their colleague and again he smiled. “Jay Stuart Webster, janitor. Nice to meet you.” he said happily. Even though he already met miss Campbell-Matthews formally, when she had come over to ask him if her youngest children could come with Nanny Liviana. He gave both women a hand, and after that he bowed shortly.

Miss del’Castro-Abramova fell right at home and asked him if he had the time to give them a tour through the school, something he did with pleasure. But before he was able to answer, the woman told him she would appreciate it when he joined her and her friends family for dinner with his own family at the coach house. Her voice made it clear she didn’t want to hear a ‘no’ for an answer, so Jay didn’t think about it for too long. “I’d be honored to give you both a tour through the school. I’d love to join both of your families for dinner tonight.” he replied, while he looked at both of them.

“Would you please follow me?” he asked, and after that he started walking towards the stairs, and waited patiently for them, so he could start the tour upstairs, who didn’t want to see the hallway from above?


Re: A new start
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Gianna nodded and told her the twins would be rascals forever, but she had to agree with Gianna that her twin boys got more serious in the past year. She understood very well that her friend thought it was a shame the twins didn’t want to end their studies at Ilvermorny, but she also understood Mitya and Ilari’s choice. “I understand both sides. If Jordan had been studying longer at Hogwarts, he probably would have stayed there as well, but because it’s only his second year he wanted to come along with me and finish up his education at Ilvermorny.” she said with a small smile, even though Jordan wouldn’t admit it out loud, she knew very well he wanted to come along because he didn’t want to leave her, his brother and his sister on their own, and he just couldn’t miss them.

Nathalia noticed Gianna was happy she accepted the invitation. When Gianna looked at her and told her it felt weird to not be a janitor anymore, she chuckled. She knew very well Gianna enjoyed being a janitor very much, but she nodded in agreement when the woman admitted she thought is was delicious to be able to focus more on being a teacher now. “That is true. Maybe you can help mister Stuart every now and then, with some small tasks?” she suggested with a smile. “That sounds like a good idea, of course Liv can handle it, she loves to keep the little ones busy.” she said with a huge grin on her face, the thoughtful look on Gianna faces made her look at her friend questioningly. “Three or four I think?” she said uncertain, since she wasn’t sure about how many children the man had.
“Liv is doing great, she enjoys being a nanny. The young man are lined up for her, but until now she doesn’t seem to be interested in any of them. Maybe you could help her on that department?” she asked quietly, after she burst out in laughter as well. “Do I know, Liv didn’t dare to show up after that happened.” she said laughing.

After Gianna soothed her and accepted the position of assistant headmisstress, Nathalia smiled thankfully. “Thank you Gianna.” she said softly. Gianna asked her when the children would arrive. “I think the rest of the employees arrive tomorrow and the students arrive after the weekend.” she said with a thoughtful look on her face, after which she drove her attention to Gianna again. “Ow uhm, I think the library might have some interesting books about Ilvermorny, I didn’t come across any yet. Why don’t we bring the library a visit later today?” she asked with a smile.

After mister Stuart greeted them, and both ladies greeted him as well, Gianna introduced them both. In the meantime Nathalia had descended the stairs as well and made a short reveranche to the man. Nathalia nodded agreefully on what Gianna said to the man, and gave the man een warm and friendly smile. Nathalia chuckeled softly when she heard the known tone in Gianna’s voice when Gianna asked the man to join them for dinner. Discreetly she poked Gianna in the side. “Don’t attack that poor man with you upbringing.” she said chuckling and so soft only Gianna could hear her.

After Jay introduced himself she replied to him. “Likewise.” she said smiling, even though she met the man before. The man looked at both of them after he accepted Gianna’s invite for dinner and told them he’d love to give them a tour.
“Would you please follow me?” his voice sounded, at which Nathalia nodded and started following the man at an appropriate distance toward to the stairs. “I’m curious to see how the hallway looks from the balcony. It’s already so impressive when you’re standing right here.” she said enthousiastic, after which she stopped at the stairway.


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She had listened to the man with a warm smile on her face. At the word janitor her eyes started to sparkle even more. ‘ah, janitor, that keeps being one of the most fun jobs there is in our magical world, if I may be free to say so.’ When he had accepted the offer of joining them for dinner she looked at her friend with satisfaction. After she got a soft poke from her friend she had to chew on the inside of her cheek to not burst out in laughter, caused by Nathalia’s comment. Without the man noticed she rolled her eyes at her best friend. ‘We’re pleased you’re willing to join us tonight, sir.’ Deep within she new her daughter would have made an excellent meal, and she hoped Amalia would have found the trust in herself like her mother had.

When Jay also positively replied to their suggestion for a tour of the school, she looked up joyfully. She was looking forward to get to know the school and was rejoiced. What she had seen already was beautiful, and it could only get better from here, she thought. But there was something she noticed and she decided to be up front about it, something the man might appreciate.
‘Mister Stuart Webster, forgive me my unshamefulness, but are you a muggle?’ Despite her curiousity she showed pure kindness to the man, while she followed him toward the stairs. At the comment of her friend that she would love to see the hallway from above she nodded enthousiastic and in agreement.

They walked up the stairs behind the man and quietly she pointed out to her friend to the tip of the wand that was sticking out of the mans pocket. Shortly she knitted her eyebrows together questioningly, but decided to leave the subject alone for now. Halfway up the stairs she remembered she wanted to know how many children the man had. ‘Sir? How many children do you have, if I’m allowed to ask? I want to point out it rejoiced me to know there are more children around for my children to hang out with. Their world would be very small if they only had miss Campbell-Matthews children to hang out with, you see i-‘ They arrived upstairs and the view was gorgeous, and made her speechless. For a moment tears formed in her eyes, that beautiful it was. For the first time in a long time she was dumbstruck.


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To Jay it seemed the women had a private affair after the invitation for the dinner. He decided to act like he didn’t notice, because by Merlins beard women were difficult to understand.

What he noticed immediately was the woman who introduced them both didn’t seem to shy away from saying whatever she wanted to say. That on one hand was something he could appreciate when he knew people, but he doubted he already knew these woman. He thought at first he’d be able to get along with the other woman Nathalia better. She asked him if he was a muggle, and he looked at the woman with amusement.
‘We don’t speak about, how did you call it? A Mubble? Here in America people like me are called No-Maj. A degeneration from the past, coming from no magic.’ Jay nodded shortly. ‘But yes, in contrast to you both, I have no magic.

While the ladies followed him up the stairs he heard one of them wonder out loud what it would like from upstairs. Jay wisely decided to keep his mouth shut about that specific subject and just mumbled something, so they were able to form their own opinion about it. They hadn’t arrived upstairs yet and the woman asked him another question. This on the other hand she immediately explained why she asked, and that was something he liked.
‘My wife and I were bless to have eight children, but the Spanish Flu took her as well as our youngest child away from me.’ he sighed and turned around to face the women. ‘Before my wife passed away her sister and her brother in law were in an accident and didn’t make it and we decided to take their children in as well. My two eldest children who still live at home, are studying at Ilvermorny, my eldest nephew isn’t magical even though he is old enough. Both of your children will have enough company to play with. The eldest three are only here for a couple of days, they kept an eye on Ilvermorny while I was on vacation with my inlaws.’ Weirdly enough it seemed he already trusted both of the women, even with the up frontness of one of them.

Gianna’s sentence was cut off halfway through, and he decided to let the women enjoy the view for a moment. After a while he told them how the older students would be on the balcony watching while the new students would be sorted in their houses and how that worked. He asked them if this was the same for the other schools. After he finished his story he pointed in a direction, to go on with the tour. For a moment he was scared he overwhelmed the ladies with his amount of children and asked once more if he was really invited for dinner with so many mouths to feed.


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She nodded in agreement after Gianna said that Janitor was one of the most fun jobs there was in the magical world, al though she never worked as a Janitor, she knew Gianna had always enjoyed being one at Hogwarts. Nathalia chuckled when her friend rolled her eyes, in reply she sent her friend a wink. After Gianna told the man it rejoiced them he was going to join them tonight Nathalia nodded. “I guess it’s going to be a fun and interesting dinner tonight.”she said with a smile. Knowing that Jordan had gone to the del’Castro-Abramova home to see if he could lend a hand. “I’m wondering if Jordan was able to lend a hand with the preparations.” she said softly to her friend.

A smile formed on her face when Gianna the man asked if he was a Muggle, she actually wanted to poke her friend again, but decided against it, as she was curious about the man his heritage as well. Shortly she thought of the time with her husband, who had passed away unfortunately, he too was a Muggle. She sent the man an encouraging and warm smile, to convince him it was okay if he indeed had no magic. Nathalia chuckled when Jay said Mubble instead of Muggle, but like she and her friend already thought the man was indeed non magical. She nodded interested when the man explained they call Muggles, No-Maj in America. “Forgive me sir, for me correcting you. But in England we say Muggle. Even though Mubble has a nice ring to it.” she said chuckling, after which she corrected herself again.

While they climbed the stairs, Gianna pointed out quietly the tip of the wand that was sticking out of the mans pocket, at which Nathalia nodded and shrugged. Gianna’s question about how many childeren mister Stuart had, peeked her interest and she nodded in agreement with Gianna’s explanation, in which she could find herself, when it came to her own children. “That is true,” she started, but couldn’t believe her eyes when they finally arrived on the balcony. The man told them he and his wife were blessed to have eight children, but that the Spanish Flu had taken away his wife and youngest child from him, and a lump formed in her throat. “I’m sorry to hear about that, mister Stuart.” She said softly, while she tried to swallow the lump in her throat. Eventually the man told them his brother and sister in law had been in an accident and didn’t survive, so he and his wife had taken in their children. Again she felt a lump form in her throat and decided to stay quiet this time, affraid they were able to hear it in her voice.

Her eyes grew wide and she felt tears stinging in her eyes, which she swallowed. “It’s honestly gorgeous…” she whispered. Interested she listened to Jay’s explanation of the Sorting Ceremony at Ilvermorny, after which he asked if this was the same process at all schools, at which she shook her head. “At Hogwarts it’s totally different. The elder students gather in the Great Hal-where they held all parties and where they ate they meals- l, where they sit down at the table that belongs to their respective houses. Th first year students are called forward out of the large row they’re standing in and have to sit down at the stool before they get a hat put on their heads, who tells them and everyone else in which house they belong. The hat is also called the Sorting Hat.” Nathalia explained to the man with a smile. “Of course you are still welcome for dinner, there’s space enough for everyone.” she said smiling, while she shot Gianna a quick look.

The man pointed toward a direction to move on with the tour, he guided them towards the Library, something Nathalia was really interested in. “The Library is absolutely gorgeous, you’ll find me here very often.” she said chuckling, after which they were led toward the classrooms. One of the last classrooms was very small and cozy, en she was sure if Gianna gave it her own touches and feeling this would be the perfect room for Divination. “Gianna, this classroom is perfect for Divination.” she quietly said to her friend, while she kept looking inside. All to soon they were led to the headmistress’s office. Nathalia wondered why this was such an important place, but decided to not give it much thought. Even though the office was beautiful and she already was decorating it to her taste in her head, she didn’t think about the fact this would become her office.


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