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Nathalia Matthews
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Full name: Nathalia Campbell-Matthews
Date of birth: October 31st 1878
Age: 42
Bloodline: Halfblood

Wealth: Average
Behaviour: Good. Nathalia loves to help other people.

Father: Sean Matthews. Sean is a no-maj, he loves his job as an book sorter at the local library in Leeds.
Mother: Silvie Matthews-Crane. Silvie is a halfbloodwitch, she loves to take care of her family, she graduated as a Healer.
Sister: Melanie Matthew, Ritchie’s twinsister. Melanie went to Beauxbaton. She graduated as a Healer.
Brother: Ritchie Matthews, Melanie’s twinbrother. Ritchie went to Durmstrang. He graduated as a potions professor. 

Spouse: Richard Harry Campbell† (August 20th 1876 – Febuari 5th 1918). Richard is a no-maj and an aquintant of Sean. He worked as an police officer.
Daughter: Liviana Katia Diamond-Matthews, March 21st 1901. Liviana graduated from Hogwarts, she spent her schooldays in Ravenclaw. Liviana started her years at Hogwarts in 1912 and Nathalia and her colleagues noticed soon the girl didn’t have a good home. After long discussions with the schoolboard, the headmaster and Liviana’s mother they decided Nathalia could adopt Liviana, this happened in 1915 when Liviana started her fourth year at Hogwarts. Liviana works as a governess for Jay, the janitor at Ilvermorny and takes care of her two youngest siblings, while Nathalia is working.
Son:Jordan Patrick Campbell, Juli 12th 1908. Jordan will start his second year at a Wizarding school, he spent his first year at Hogwarts and got sorted into Hufflepuff, just like his mother. He’ll start his second year at Ilvermorny and will be spending his following school years at Wampus.
Daughter: Cassidy Brianna Campbell, October 31st 1911. Cassidy is the second biological Campbell child. Cassidy showed her magical abilities but is to young to start her magical studies at Ilvermorny.
Son: Jacob Sean Campbell, September 30th 1915. Jacob is the third and last biological Campbell child, until now he hasn’t shown any magical abilities, but if he shows any magical abilities, he has to wait for a while until he can go to Ilvermorny like his older brother and sister.

Other family: Nathalia’s grandparents on both parents sides are deceased.


Sean Matthew worked as a book sorter at the local library in Lees. He enjoyed his worked very much. Silvie worked as a Healer at St. Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries in London. Silvie apparated from Leeds to London to get to work. When Silvie didn’t to work for a couple she decided to visit the local library, there she met Sean. They started a conversation about the many books the library had to offer. Silvie went to the library more and more when she was free from work. That’s how it happened that Sean asked her to go for a drink, she accepted the offer and they started to see each other more often and got to know one another.

After a couple of months of dating they fell in love and got into a relationship. Silvie and Sean were together for a long time when Silvie finaly told Sean her secret. Sean was shocked, but loved her so much he didn’t care she was a witch and proposed to her. One year later they got married, and it didn’t take long for Silvie to get pregnant with twins. After nine months a boy and a girl were born, Ritchie and Melanie. Both turned out to be magical and went to Durmstrang and Beaxbaton for their magical studies. When Melanie and Ritchie started their third year, Silvie got pregnant with their third and last child.

Nine months later on October 31st of 1878 Nathalia was born. Melanie, Ritchie, Sean and Silvie were very happy with Nathalia. When Nathalia turned five years old became clear she was a witch as well. While being sad she made it snow inside the house. Silvie was proud of her little girl. When Nathalia turned eleven years old she got her letter from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Silvie had graduated from Hogwarts. Nathalia went to Hogwarts and was sorted into Hufflepuff.

After Nathalia gruduated after seven years at Hogwarts, she started working at a small bookshop in Hogsmeade. She loved her work at the bookshop so much she decided to go to Hogwarts to see whether there was a vacancy for librarian. This was after a long period of Hogwarts being closed due to attacks from the Society of Eternal Darkness. There was a vacancy for librarian and Nathalia went to Hogwarts for an interview with the headmaster at that time. The headmaster was very satisfied with Nathalia and she was hired for the job.

Wand: Maple 12.6 inches with a core of Unicorn hair
Appearance: Nathalia is about 5’11”(five foot seven), she has straight long brown hair and hazelnut brown eyes.
Pet: A burmese mix cross feral bengal maine coon mix, named Mittens, he is about twenty years old.


Nathalia is a shy person, if she wants to talk so someone she needs to find her courage first. But when you get to her better she will be a good friend. She always will be there for her friends and is always willing to help everyone. She loves animals, especially her cat Mittens. Nathalia can be spry and sometimes she can be very clumsy. Happily she wrote her parents a letter to inform them she found a job at Hogwarts and that she decided to look for a home in Hogsmeade.

Good traits:
at least 3, up to 5.
  • Helpful
  • Animal lover
  • Protective of her friends and family
Bad traits:
At least 3, up to 5.
  • Shy
  • Spry
  • Clumsy
Other: Nathalia loves to read, her library and her cat Mittens. When Nathalia summons her patronus it appears in the form of a cat.



Nathalia was hired as a librarian at Hogwarts. There she met her former schoolmate Ava Abrielle and made new friends. She became good friends with Gianna del’Castro, Talitha Cantó and with the Head of house of Ravenclaw, Riven Myst. She also became friends with Ava. Later that year there was a small disturbance in Gianna’s office during a party, in which a side of Nathalia emerged that nobody had expected. She stood up for her friend Gianna, who was threatend by their former colleague Sirius Boterberg. Shortly after a new male colleague arrived, Daniil Abramov. She also became friends with Daniil and they had a lot of fun, in which her friend Gianna participated.


Nathalia retuned after her summer holiday to Hogwarts where a lot of new students arrive and a couple of new teachers. Amongst them was Kyra Knightdale, who Nathalia became friends with. With her old friends she had a lot of fun as well. The students kept visiting her library with joy. Her friend Daniil became the new headmaster of Hogwarts and got engaged with her friend Gianna. She thought they were a beautiful couple and was happy for them. Daniil and Gianna adopted the young Merlyn Sevelyb later on, one of the students who found often in her library. Later that year they found out Kyra was pregnant with the gamekeeper and Keeper of Keys and Grounds of Hogwarts, and married the man.


This year nothing much happened in Nathalia’s life. There was only one new teacher, Lucius Koponyan and old Slytherin student. The moment she met him she felt he meant no good for the school, and developed a slight fear of the man.


This summer Gianna and Daniil got married, it was a beautiful ceremony and a enjoyable party. Nathalia enjoyed herself. After the wedding she was supposed to go on a world trip, to enjoy a year of freedom and to see something of the world. She brought Mittend to her parents and visited an old aquitance of the family to borrow a horse to start her world trip. Soon after she left she fell of her horse, because it was startled by something, and woke up at St. Mungo’s Hospital with a big concussion and bruises. When she gained her consciousness Healer Johnson asked what the date was. She didn’t know any better than that is was November 2nd 1904, but Healer Johnson told her it was August 23rd 1905. She doesn’t know what happened during that time, only that she fell of her horse and had seen a vaguely unfamiliar person and suddenly woke up at the hospital. Soon after she met Daniil at the hospital, who was there to do some research. Daniil manages to arrange for Nathalia to stay at the infirmary of Hogwarts, in exchange for a daily report on her health and progress. While being in St. Mungo’s her friend Gianna gives birth to beautiful twinboys, who Nathalia meets as soon she is back at Hogwarts. Now that Nathalia is back at Hogwarts, Daniil and Nathalia are going to look for ways to find out what caused her memory loss, and what happened during that time, so she can recover her memory.


This was the first full schoolyear that Nathalia was back working at Hogwarts. At the beginning of the year her colleagues Hanna van Elst and Joshua Gilleen would get married. During the ceremony there was a short tense moment where it was thought that Matthew Brown would have something against the marriage, but he turned out to be sick and left the wedding in time. Shortly before Hanna was supposed to say her vows, she left Joshua at the altar and left with a man with whome she seemed to be happier than with Joshua. Nathalia was happy to back with her former colleagues and friends, also friendships became closer or she refound her friendship with old aquintances. She became close to Matthew Brown and Marcello Maldini, even though it seemed there were romances growing, that wasn’t the case. She also got to know Gianna’s twinboys better, and the new Healer turned out to have kids as well. Nathalia looked after them when Caithlin was too busy with work. Caithlin turned out to be an old friend from her studies at Hogwarts, they refound their friendship when Caithlin started her job at Hogwarts as well. Nathalia found out that her brother and her sister both had children of their own. Her brother was father of twins, a boy named Michael and a girl names Monique. Her sister had a little girl named Alice. After the wedding she went to her brother and sister for the weekend to meet her nieces and nephew. Things happened at Hogwarts, which Nathalia rather forgets than to talk about it. All-in-all it was a busy and exciting year for Nathalia at Hogwarts.


This year Nathalia returned to Hogwarts as well, this time with a fully recovered memory and knowledge about her disappearance while she was supposed to go on a world trip. The memory of her abduction still makes her shiver, and suffers from nightmares about every now and then. It gives her reassurance to be at Hogwarts, because she knows she is safe there and will be protected by her friends. Halfway through November Hanna van Elst suddenly showed up at Hogwarts again, the looked bad and was extremely emaciated. Where the woman exactly went, is stil a mystery to Nathalia, what she does know is that the young woman experienced something traumatic, which caused the woman to lose her faith in the people at Hogwarts. When it turns out Hanna is pregnant, sir Gilleen marries Hanna and makes the outside world to believe it’s his child. Nathalia went to visit Hanna once for tea, to check up on her, Hanna is absent and stiff in replies, after which Nathalia rather awkwardy tells Hanna her story about her own experience. Something she regrets soon after when she notices Hanna reaction, and leaves quickly while promising Hanna to visit her soon for tea again, after she apologized for her clumsy action. At the beginning of the new year, Nathalia receives a letter from her parents, which tells her, her parents have found the perfect suitor for her, and that they expect her to visit them the following weekend to meet the young man. After she has met the man, she isn’t sure if she’s al to happy about it and keeps her engagement a secret to her colleagues. The date is already set and will take place in closed circles. Nathalia told her parents clearly to invite the Abramov’s, because they are good friends of Nathalia’s, she also told her parent to invite her friend Caithlin Lockwood and her kids. That summer Nathalia’s wedding took place witnessed by her friends and family. Eventhough it isn’t usual for a woman to work after being married, Nathalia is allowed to keep her job at Hogwarts, eventhough she will miss her husband a lot, the oncoming year will be a good one for her.

1908-August 15th 1920:

In 1908 Nathalia first son was born, Jordan Patrick Campbell, he was followed in 1911 by her daughter Cassidy Brianna Campbell and in 1915 they both were follow by adopted daughter Liviana Katia Diamond and the little Jacob Sean Campbell. Her husband Richard was called in, around Februari 1916 to participate in the war. At the start of January 1918 he came back home unscathed, but passed away at the start of February 1918 due to the Spanish Influenza. Her son Jacob also was hit by the Spanish Influenza, but survived it due to his ‘auntie’ Gianna who made sure he was cared for by the best Healers she could find, something which Nathalia is still thankful for towards her best friend.
In this period there was also fought hard against the Society of Eternal Darkness, a fight that was won by the good side. A letter came from America, they asked for help due to a lot of losses in their staffmembers due to the Spanish Flu. When Nathalia heard about this from Gianna she immediately wanted to join her to take on this challenge. Now she has finally arrived and settled into the portershouse at the terrain of Ilvermorny to start a new life as the Headmistress of Ilvermorny with her best friend on her side as her Assistant-Headmistress.
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