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Ilvermorny (EN) / Re: A new start
« Laatste bericht door Nathalia Gepost op september 10, 2020, 06:11:47 pm »
She nodded in agreement after Gianna said that Janitor was one of the most fun jobs there was in the magical world, al though she never worked as a Janitor, she knew Gianna had always enjoyed being one at Hogwarts. Nathalia chuckled when her friend rolled her eyes, in reply she sent her friend a wink. After Gianna told the man it rejoiced them he was going to join them tonight Nathalia nodded. “I guess it’s going to be a fun and interesting dinner tonight.”she said with a smile. Knowing that Jordan had gone to the del’Castro-Abramova home to see if he could lend a hand. “I’m wondering if Jordan was able to lend a hand with the preparations.” she said softly to her friend.

A smile formed on her face when Gianna the man asked if he was a Muggle, she actually wanted to poke her friend again, but decided against it, as she was curious about the man his heritage as well. Shortly she thought of the time with her husband, who had passed away unfortunately, he too was a Muggle. She sent the man an encouraging and warm smile, to convince him it was okay if he indeed had no magic. Nathalia chuckled when Jay said Mubble instead of Muggle, but like she and her friend already thought the man was indeed non magical. She nodded interested when the man explained they call Muggles, No-Maj in America. “Forgive me sir, for me correcting you. But in England we say Muggle. Even though Mubble has a nice ring to it.” she said chuckling, after which she corrected herself again.

While they climbed the stairs, Gianna pointed out quietly the tip of the wand that was sticking out of the mans pocket, at which Nathalia nodded and shrugged. Gianna’s question about how many childeren mister Stuart had, peeked her interest and she nodded in agreement with Gianna’s explanation, in which she could find herself, when it came to her own children. “That is true,” she started, but couldn’t believe her eyes when they finally arrived on the balcony. The man told them he and his wife were blessed to have eight children, but that the Spanish Flu had taken away his wife and youngest child from him, and a lump formed in her throat. “I’m sorry to hear about that, mister Stuart.” She said softly, while she tried to swallow the lump in her throat. Eventually the man told them his brother and sister in law had been in an accident and didn’t survive, so he and his wife had taken in their children. Again she felt a lump form in her throat and decided to stay quiet this time, affraid they were able to hear it in her voice.

Her eyes grew wide and she felt tears stinging in her eyes, which she swallowed. “It’s honestly gorgeous…” she whispered. Interested she listened to Jay’s explanation of the Sorting Ceremony at Ilvermorny, after which he asked if this was the same process at all schools, at which she shook her head. “At Hogwarts it’s totally different. The elder students gather in the Great Hal-where they held all parties and where they ate they meals- l, where they sit down at the table that belongs to their respective houses. Th first year students are called forward out of the large row they’re standing in and have to sit down at the stool before they get a hat put on their heads, who tells them and everyone else in which house they belong. The hat is also called the Sorting Hat.” Nathalia explained to the man with a smile. “Of course you are still welcome for dinner, there’s space enough for everyone.” she said smiling, while she shot Gianna a quick look.

The man pointed toward a direction to move on with the tour, he guided them towards the Library, something Nathalia was really interested in. “The Library is absolutely gorgeous, you’ll find me here very often.” she said chuckling, after which they were led toward the classrooms. One of the last classrooms was very small and cozy, en she was sure if Gianna gave it her own touches and feeling this would be the perfect room for Divination. “Gianna, this classroom is perfect for Divination.” she quietly said to her friend, while she kept looking inside. All to soon they were led to the headmistress’s office. Nathalia wondered why this was such an important place, but decided to not give it much thought. Even though the office was beautiful and she already was decorating it to her taste in her head, she didn’t think about the fact this would become her office.
Eerstejaars / Re: Gwendoline Gremia
« Laatste bericht door Pukwudgie Statue Gepost op september 10, 2020, 05:34:25 pm »
Stapt naar voren om aan te tonen dat deze jongedame een goede match is voor Pukwudgie.
Ilvermorny (EN) / Re: For The First Time
« Laatste bericht door Jordan Campbell Gepost op september 10, 2020, 05:28:55 pm »
The friendly look in Amalia’s eyes didn’t escape him, while he send her one of his charming warm smiles. “It’s delicious, Amalia. I’m convinced everybody will appreciate the Limonchello.” he said smiling. Ah yes, Laura… he thought, when Amalia mentioned her name. “Jessica is indeed very friendly indeed, Laura too. What were the other two called again, I believe their names started with an L as well?” he asked her, to distract her from her worries.

He noticed it made Amalia feel better when he gave her pasta the a-okay and he smiled. “You really shouldn’t worry so much, Amalia. You did pretty well for a first time.” he said softly, after which he took over the things he needed for the dessert. In the corner of his eye he saw her backing up slowly, but decided not to mention it, he knew she needed a moment to herself, and gave her all the space she needed.

He saw she picked up a lemon and took that from her with a smile. “Amalia, why don’t go and find some fruits, then I’ll take care of the rest.” he said, hoping this would give her some extra space to get herself together. “I was thinking about apples, grapes, strawberries, oranges and maybe some blackberries and raspberries?” he suggested eventually.

Once he had everything desinfected, he got to work and made his famous White Chocolate Mousse in no time, after which he poured it over in a pretty bowl and stored it in the fridge so it could stiffen up a bit. Knowing they were going to make a fruitsalad, he decided to make a sauce for that too, also known as a Sabayon.

Because Amalia was getting the fruit they needed, and had no idea where to find everything he needed, he decided to walk into the living room to find one of the boys. He only saw Ilari, so Ilari became his helper, or at least he hoped Ilari wanted to help him out. “Ilari? I need your help for a moment with finding some stuff in the kitchen I need, could you help me please?” he asked, at which Ilari answered fairly quickly and followed him into the kitchen, where he pointed out to Jordan where to find everything. “Thanks!” Jordan said, and quickly started with the Sabayon, hoping he would be finished with it before everybody would arrive.

OOC: Godmoding of Amalia and Ilari with permission.
Ilvermorny (EN) / Re: For The First Time
« Laatste bericht door Amalia Abramova Gepost op september 10, 2020, 05:12:10 pm »
Amalia looked at the boy friendly when he finished his lemonade. “This is coming from pepe’s vineyards, I will serve the limonchello with dinner.’ her voice was warm and soft, exactly like she was. After his comforting her thoughts dived. ‘Ah yes Jessica Mcdawn. What a sweet woman she was, and then I haven’t said anything about Laura yet.’ Even though Amalia had grown up in a warm family, thanks to her parents she had learned to love the less fortunate. Thanks to Laura, Amalia had a beautiful childhood. Even though Amalia was born in better wealth than Laura, and the latter was much older than she was, you could tell there was a bond between them that was almost called sisterly. She could remember the trips they made to buy clothes very well. How she missed Laura now, in this new chapter of her life. Where Laura went to Hogwarts, Amalia was stuck here.

Jordan drank his lemonade with joy, and she took him in unobtrusively. When he gave her pasta the a-okay, a nice feeling came over her. This was why she did it, to please others.

When they discussed the dessert, she felt a little uncomfortable for a moment. This was something she wasn’t able to do, but she loved to help him. With a warm smile she pulled out everything he needed. It was a search and find every now and then, but eventually she found everything. She gave him the chocolate, the eggwhites and the whipped cream. With a warm smile she watched how Jordan went to work.

While the boy was working his magic, Amalia stepped backwards, until she was in the corner of the kitchen. It was there and then she realised that everything she and her family did couldn’t be enough, ever. Halfheartedly she picked up a lemon for the desinfection, while she hoped Jordan hadn’t noticed anything.
Ilvermorny (EN) / Re: For The First Time
« Laatste bericht door Jordan Campbell Gepost op september 10, 2020, 04:57:35 pm »
The friendly smile on Amalia’s face didn’t escape Jordan, when he tried to sooth her, somehow he always managed to do that. A warm smile -that looked suspiciously like his mothers- showed on his face. He immediately was handed a spoon after he asked for one, and put it in the pasta to get a good mouthful on it. Before he was able to put the spoonful of pasta in his mouth, Amalia warned him that it was hot. He nodded, bu carefully blew on it and carefully took a bite and had a taste. After he had swallowed his bite, he too laughed at Amalia’s comment. “The pasta is delicious Amalia, if they don’t like this, they have no idea what tasty food is.” he said with a grin on his face. “You did sound like aunt Gianna, but also like my mother.” he said laughing. His mother could be overly worried all the time, but he understood where she was coming from, they were her children after all.

He could hit himself in the head when he thanked Amalia out of habit for the drink she gave him. For him it wasn’t more than normal to thank someone when they offered or gave you something, that is what his upbringing was like. He chuckled softly about his own upbringing, something you often would see with the Abramov children as well.

Jordan almost found it endearing how worried a young girl could be about making the perfect dinner. Her words almost made him roll his eyes, but he knew to control himself. “Amalia, don’t worry so much, they won’t leave hungry. You cooked and made salades for almost an entire orphanage.” he said soothing, after which he shortly thought of an old Hogwarts student, who after her studies at Halucina started her own orphanage, every now and then she visited them. Miss Baum-McDawn if he remembered correctly, from what he gathered from his mother she was married young and had now three children of her own. The eldest was older than himself and started on her fifth year at Hogwarts. He couldn’t remember their names unfortunately. Quickly he pulled himself out of his thoughts and focused on Amalia again. The shiver that went through Amalia’s body didn’t escape him, and he chuckled softly. “Hmm, not a bad idea, we could serve fruit with the chocolate mousse, so we have something for everyone?” he suggested, after which he quickly thought about how much he needed of everything.
“I think we need at least four bars of white chocolate, twohundredandfifty mililiters of eggwhites, which are ten eggs we have to split and fivehundred mililiters of whipped cream.” he said eventually after which he looked at her with a smile. “We also need a saucepan with a little bit of water in it and an iron bowl so we can melt the chocolate, a whisk and two more iron bowls so we can whip the whipped cream and the eggwhite, and half a lemon for desinfection of the iron bowl and the whisk after we whipped the whipped cream with it.” he added, while he looked around searching.
Eerstejaars / Gwendoline Gremia
« Laatste bericht door Gwendoline Gremia Gepost op september 10, 2020, 04:38:37 pm »
Volledige naam: Gwendolina Everdina Gremia
Geboortedatum: 1 juni 1908
Leeftijd: 12
Bloedlijn: volbloed

Ruim boven modaal

Vriendelijk, vrolijk, in het begin verlegen

Vader: Schelto Arthur Gremia
Moeder: Everdina Gremia-Montfort
Broer: Christopher Schelto Gremia
Oom (vaders kant): Promotheus Erick Gremia
Tante (vaders kant): Luna Marcia Gremia-Vanpelt
Oom (moeders kant): Leopold Martinus Montfort
Tante (moeders kant): Melinda Everdina Montfort-Leguit
Neef (moeders kant): Scorpio Draco Montfort

Gwendoline komt uit een welgestelde familie. Haar vader heeft een baan als hoge ambtenaar bij het Ministerie van Toverkunst en haar moeder is zelfstandig. Ze heeft een broer die werkt als afgestudeerd Schouwer bij het Ministerie van Toverkunst. Gwendoline wil uiteindelijk het liefst in een functie op de ziekenzaal werken.

Het geslacht Gremia heeft takken in Engeland, Nederland, Canada en Ohio, maar komt van oorsprong uit Nederland en stamt uit de Gouden Eeuw. Koopman en magiër Leopoldus Gerardus Gremia vestigde zich in Amsterdam en trouwde vervolgens met Edith Steiner. Uit dat huwelijk kwamen Schelto en Promotheus ter wereld.

De familie Gremia woont in een authentiek Engels landhuis met grote tuin. Ieder gezinslid heeft een eigen slaapkamer en badkamer, verder heeft vader Gremia een grote werkkamer waar hij deels van de tijd werkt. Het gezin heeft daarnaast een eigen kas waar ze hun eigen kruiden en ingrediënten uit halen.

Gwendoline heeft soms moeite met haar broer Christopher, omdat hij altijd loopt op te scheppen over zijn werk als schouwer. Ze kan wel goed overweg met haar neef Scorpio, die ondanks zijn wat meer duistere kant, altijd een luisterend oor biedt en minder hoog van de toren blaast.

Tijdens het uitlaten van haar hond Mozart, een St. Bernard Hond, gebeurt er iets wonderlijks. Terwijl het dier haar voorttrekt over een steiger en in het water wil springen, strekt Gwendoline haar hand. Mozart wil springen, maar wordt in de lucht tegengehouden en teruggetrokken. Vanaf dat moment wist Gwendoline het zeker: ze bezit magische krachten.


Goede eigenschappen:

Slechte eigenschappen:
Kan niet rekenen

Als Gwendoline ergens binnenkomt is ze eerst heel verlegen, maar als ze eenmaal contact heeft gemaakt is het een vriendin voor iedereen. Onder de lessen zit Gwendoline vaak te tekenen en tussendoor zoekt ze altijd recepten die ze thuis kan uitproberen, maar gek genoeg is zij vaak de enige die het lekker vind. Nou ja, als je boterbier met smekkies combineert… Ook schiet ze regelmatig in de lach om het minste of geringste.
Ilvermorny (EN) / Re: For The First Time
« Laatste bericht door Amalia Abramova Gepost op september 10, 2020, 04:26:58 pm »
Amalia smiled friendly when Jordan tried to sooth her. Ah, he was right. And if they didn’t like it, there were choices enough. When he asked for a spoon, she gave him one. She already knew he wanted to taste, what else would he need a spoon for after all. ‘Watch out, it’s hot.’  Amalia burst out in laughter, ‘It must not get any stranger, I almost sounded like mother.’

When he thanked her for the drink, she nodded shortly. It was normal to give your guests something to drink. Yes, this guest she saw more like family than as a guest, but if  one of her brothers or sisters would’ve been there, she would’ve done the same. That was just propper manners.

He soothed her about the lack of a dessert and Amalia gave him a small smile. ‘I know that it is normal, but when there isn’t enough food, people might leave hungry. That can’t happen?’ Soon enough he soothed her by telling her, that her brothers were capable enough to handle things on their own and that he would love to make a dessert. White chocolate mousse he suggested. Amalia shivered and looked at him. ‘I myself rather have something fruity for a dessert. But I’m sure the others would love some chocolate mousse.’ she smiled, ‘tell me, what do we need?’
Ilvermorny (EN) / Re: For The First Time
« Laatste bericht door Jordan Campbell Gepost op september 10, 2020, 04:17:31 pm »
Amalia greeted him back with a simple ‘hello’ at which he smiled. He noticed she was trying to hide her face behind her hair, something that didn’t work anymore once he got closer to her and could’ve guessed things weren’t going so well.

His ‘niece’ admitted eventually things weren’t going well, while she put a big bowl on the table, after which she moved on with something else. Before he could ask what had been going wrong, Amalia told the rest of it. She told him she had never done this alone before, and that her mother usually was there or that the house elves took care of it. “From what I see so far on the table, you don’t have to worry about anything, it smelled delicious and I can’t imagine it won’t be tasty.’ he tried to comfort her, after which Amalia went on with her story. She seemed uncertain. She was wondering what would happen when the Stuart Websters didn’t like the food and that all her work would’ve been for nothing, she also was frightened she hadn’t used enough herbs and spices or just too many. He looked at her and got an idea. “Do you have a spoon for me?” he asked her, after which he looked around the kitchen wondering in which drawer they would be hidden.
The glass of lemonade that was handed to him, he took with a smile on his face. “Thanks, Amalia.” he said smiling.

Eventually she said there actually wasn’t anything wrong, as long as they like it. But she also hadn’t made a dessert, because she didn’t know how to, she said. “That isn’t stupid, Amalia. Not everybody is able to do everything if it comes to cooking.” he said soothingly, after which Amalia told him the twins were in the other room if he wanted to help them and that he otherwise was at risk to help her with the last things. Her latter option wasn’t a bad idea, he was actually a star in making desserts and he really wanted to help her out. ‘Ilari and Mitya can handle it themselves. I’ll help you with a dessert. How about a nice white chocolate mousse?” he suggested with a wide smile on his face.
Ilvermorny (EN) / Re: For The First Time
« Laatste bericht door Amalia Abramova Gepost op september 10, 2020, 03:29:21 pm »
Of course when she neared her breakdown, Jordan had to walk in. Amalia suspected him to do it on purpose. Because say it yourself, of every single moment he could’ve chosen, he chose this one.
‘Hello Jordan.’ she greeted back to him, and she was glad she was able to keep her face hidden behind her hair, if he would stay where he was. But of course he didn’t. What was it with men, and them never doing what you hoped for as a woman.

Amalia poured some olive oil and lemon juice on the pasta and shuffled it very well, when he asked if everything was okay.
‘Yes and no.’ she put the big bowl on the table and finished the dressings for the salad after that. ‘I have never done this on my own before. Mother was always there to help or the house elves took care of the food.’ She poured the dressing into bottles and looked at him. ‘What if the Websters don’t like this type of food? Then all my work has been for nothing. Or what if I used to much herbs and spices or too less. Then what?’ she put down the bottles and took two glasses in which she poured refreshing lemonade, after which she gave him a glass. She took a big sip and looked at him.

‘So no, there isn’t anything actually, as long as they like it. And I didn’t make a dessert, I don’t know how to make one. It’s stupid, huh?’ While she looked him straight in the eye, she only noticed just know he had hazel eyes. She smiled shortly. ‘If you want to help the twins, they are busy in room next to the kitchen, otherwise there is a risk you have to help me with some last things.’
Ilvermorny (EN) / Re: For The First Time
« Laatste bericht door Jordan Campbell Gepost op september 10, 2020, 02:08:45 am »
With a wide grin on his face he looked around the bedroom he shared with his little brother Jacob. His mother offered him her help multiple times, as she was able to use magic to put the heavier objects in their rightful places, but he declined all offers of help, even the help his older adoptive sister Liv offered. He wanted to do this himself, his grandfather showed him a couple of tricks to do things quickly and effectively no-maj style, and the result was great. Everything he put together himself, like his bed and the toddler bed for Jacob weren’t falling apart, the same went for the closets. Even the painting of the walls went extremely well, of course his mother had shown him how to mask things propperly. He wanted a natural atmosphere in the bedroom, and so far his little brother seemed happy about it too. One wall was sandy yellow and the other wall was a pretty grassgreen colour, the curtains were a light brown colour. Jordan was happy he had a talent for drawing, because of that the wall next to his brothers bed had some fantastic beasts on it. He gave the room one more satisfied smile, after which he quickly went to the bathroom to freshen himself up a bit.

He and his family were invited for dinner at the Abramov’s, but Jordan decided to arrive early, maybe he could help Amalia’s brother. After he freshened up and dressed up nicely he went on his way to the coach house, where the Abramov family had moved in. He had to get used to it at first when Misses Abramova’s children started to call his mother aunt, as they aren’t actually related. But once he got used to it, he started to call Misses Abramova aunt more often, like he called Mister Abramov uncle. He saw their children as his nieces and nephews. The closer he got to the coach house the more he started to follow his nose, there was a delicious smell coming from the house and there was no doubt someone was trying his or her best to make a delicious dinner.

Quietly he stepped inside and walked towards the kitchen, to see who was tasked with cooking dinner. “Hey Amalia.” he said when he saw her standing in the kitchen, not realizing she was finishing up cooking. When he got closer to her, and gave her face a once over, he got the awful feeling that something was bothering her. “Amalia, is everything okay?” he asked, while he hesitated wheter or not to put an arm around her shoulder.

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